are we out of the woods yet?
are we out of the woods yet?
are we out of the woods yet?
are we out of the woods?

Louis and Eleanor at TOPSHOP fashion show 2013


sometimes I forget gay marriage is illegal because, like, wow that’s so fucking dumb 

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Miss American Dream since I was 17
So I took this with my Polaroid, it was my first shot. I’d like to think it came out pretty good obviously not as perfect as one would be with taylorswift and I in the same Polaroid HAHAA! But I think it came out great especially my sisters half cut arm throwin’ up that peace sign haha! #meettaylor #1989 #thegiver #swiftie and p.s ITS OCTOBER AND I AM SO EXCITED FOR THE ALBUM LAUNCH AHHHHHHH can’t wait #taylorswift
Selling (4) One Direction tickets to the Miami WWA Tour. 
This sunday, October 5th. 
Sec.131 - $100 Face value

Shower lovers, NYC, 1986 
Denis Piel

Yves Saint Laurent at work.

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'Slate' by Jasmine Maher, DEW Magazine Pre-October Issue 2014